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Land of the covenant 8 - days excursion tour

Land of the covenant 8 - days excursion tour


Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Borjomi - Akhaltsikhe - Vardzia - Kutaisi - Tskaltubo - Chiatura - Sighnaghi - Kvareli - a list of places where you can relax and at the same time spend 8 days of the most rewarding experiences. Georgia will enchant you, seduce and will bring to mind by its beauty.

number of days

Arrival at the Tbilisi International Airport, meeting, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Supper at the hotel.

Our tour, through the old city of Tbilisi, will begin at 10:00.
We'll visit a lot of attractions, beautiful streets and alleys, will see church Metekhi, near which stands a monument of King Vakhtang. Also we will visit: Levtakhevi, the museum "Karvasla”, lift on by the ropeway to the fortress Narikala, walk down on the Sharden street.
Fortress Narikala (or inaccessible) - "the heart and soul of Tbilisi", the most famous and oldest ancient monument. It stands on the ridge of Mount Mtatsminda, from there opens a magnificent views of the city. Shardeni Street - the pedestrian street in the old part of Tbilisi, here are many boutiques, cafes, restaurants, as well as of several exhibition galleries.
Tbilisi Historical Museum of Grishashvili "Karvasla" has a rich collection of photographs of XIX century, authentically reflect the life of the city..
After lunch, we'll go to the monastery Jvari.
Jvari Church - one of the most remarkable achievements of the ancient Georgian architecture, and without exaggeration, the most popular Georgian monument, perceived as an immortal symbol of the national genius. It’s impossible to imagine the landscape of Mtskheta without Jvari Church - it seems to be tied surrounding mountains.
After seeing the church, we’ll go to Mtskheta, where we will visit the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli.
Mtskheta - a very ancient city, the first capital of Georgia, actually it’s the heart of the Georgian civilization. Svetitshoveli- is a cathedral church of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which throughout millennium was the main cathedral throughout of whole Georgia. Ornament in church is a relief, deep. Svetitskhoveli is listed among the World Heritage cites and are under the protection of UNESCO.
- 18:30 After such a busy day, we’ll go for a dinner at "Mtskheta salobio" and by the end of it, about 20:30 we will return to Tbilisi (1-1.5 hours drive) to the hotel.

After breakfast and check out from the hotel (10:00), we’ll go to Gori, where we will visit the house-museum of Stalin.
Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori - he is from this city, he became the head of the Soviet government and in fact led the Soviet Union from 1925 to 1953.
After a tour in the museum we are going to Borjomi. Check in to the hotel.
At 13:30 we’ll have dinner at the hotel and after resting will go for a walk.
In the central part of the town of Borjomi is a wonderful city park, where you can taste the famous mineral water. Walking through the park, we will go to the protected area, but before will visit Tsemi.
Tsemi is an incredibly beautiful village, the mountain slopes of which are covered with pine forests. The climate is characterized by mild enough snowy winters and warm, moderately dry summers. The mountain climate - the main curative factor of the resort. It is used for climatotherapy throughout the year ... The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park (protected area), located in the Lesser Caucasus territory. It's hard to describe those beauties, which are open for visitors of this unique place: here you can see the high mountains, quiet valleys, historical monuments, rich flora and fauna, rapid rivers and beautiful lakes. Lots of wildlife lives in the park, such as bears, wolves, wild boars, deer, squirrels, lots of foxes and hares, hunting for them, of course, strictly forbidden.
By 19:30 we’ll return to the hotel and have a supper.

After the breakfast at the hotel (11:00), we’ll go to Akhaltsikhe, where visit the complex Rabati.
Akhaltsikhe is located in the south-western part of Georgia, near the border with Turkey, in 208 kilometers from Tbilisi. Rabat in Akhaltsikhe - like a city within city, where monuments coexisted three world religions.
At the same time rehabilitated church has become in recent years as religious, cultural and tourist center of the city. Within the walls of the fortress is the church, mosque, synagogue, small park, historical museum, various shops, a hotel and even a Wedding Palace. History of Rabat fortress goes into depth of centuries, and no one can say exactly when the first fortification was built.
By the end of tour on Rabati and after dinner, we will visit the fortress Khertvisi (40-60 minutes drive) and the cave city Vardzia.
Khertvisi Fortress - one of the oldest and best preserved castles of the Georgian feudal period.
Together with monastery complex of Vardzia is a candidate to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Georgia.
Vardzia is a cave city located in Aspindza district, in 60 kilometers from the town of Akhaltsikhe. In addition to the monastery, located in the gorge of Vardzia, there are also several cave complexes, fortress, churches and etc. This is a huge cave complex, which was built almost 800 years ago.
After the tour, we’ll return to the hotel in the city of Borjomi, where will have supper.

After breakfast and check out from the hotel in Borjomi (09: 30) will go to Kutaisi (1.5-2 hours drive), where will settle to the hotel. After resting by 12:00, we’ll go on an excursion to the Temple of Bagrat and Monastery Motsameta.
Bagrat Temple located in the city of Kutaisi on top of a hill "Ukimerioni”. It belongs to the best examples of medieval architecture of the Caucasus. From this location opens spectacular views of Kutaisi, the river Rioni and Racha ridge, where you can even see the glaciers. Orthodox Temple of Bagrat is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Motsameta Monastery (Monastery of Saints David and Constantine) - is one of the brightest sights not only in Kutaisi, but the whole of the Georgia.
After the tour we will have lunch and after rest, will go to Sataplia reserve and visit the cave of Prometheus.
Sataplia Nature Reserve is located within 8 km from the city of Kutaisi. The reserve territory counts  354 hectares, most of which is the forest, where presents evergreen and deciduous trees .. Prometheus Cave is interesting place, in a small space there is a variety of terrain, and in the end of this cave, there is the lovely lake. It easily can be called as "a work of art of nature”.
After the eventful day in nature, we will go to the lunch in Tskhaltubo and then will return to the hotel at 20:00 (Kutaisi).

After the breakfast and check out from the hotel (Kutaisi) we’ll go to Katskhi village, western part of Georgia - Imereti region. There we will visit the church Katskhi.
Unique church Katskhi is located on the top of mountain formation with height of about 45 meters.
"Temple-pillar in Katskhi leaves a pleasant experience with its natural beauty, complemented by iconic architecture, left a deep imprint in the human soul ...
After exploring of this truly enchanting place, we’ll go to Chiatura.
Chiatura - this is an old town, which has kept the spirit of Soviet times. In USSR time, here was held more than 144 cable lines that were built because of the impressive height difference between the city and ore-mining fields in order to facilitate the delivery of produced manganese. Currently, there are operational about 10 cable lines. In Chiatura we’ll visit the monastery "Mghvimeli" ,which is located in the rock ...
After a day excursion we’ll have lunch (14:00 in Chiatura), and after the rest, will return to Tbilisi (2.5-3 hours drive). Check in to the hotel at Tbilisi (18.00). Supper - in the hotel (20:00).

After the breakfast in a hotel (10:00) we’re going on a small tour in Bodbe Monastery (2 hrs drive) and to the town Sighnaghi.
Bodbe  Monastery - Orthodox monastery, located in two kilometers from Sighnaghi in Kakheti region.
There are kept relics enlightener of Georgia - Saint Nina, who died there at 347 year, of 67 year of  her  life, after 35 years of apostolic asceticism.
One of the attractions of the monastery is the most revered icon of Georgia - miraculous myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God of Iver. After visiting Bodbe, we are going to Sighnaghi.
Sighnaghi - a small town in eastern Georgia, which was founded in the XVII century during the reign of King Irakli II, it is located on a hillside in the historic Kakheti region. This is an only town in Georgia, which entirely preserved the fortress walls. There are two main central squares, where located casino, bank, city hall building and wedding palace, in which you can get married at any time (24hrs working). That's why Sighnaghi is calling "City of Lovers”.
After the day tour we’ll have dinner and then will go to Kvareli. Kvareli - a small, cozy and bright tone town in Kakheti, in the northeast of the famous Alazani Valley. At Kvareli we’ll visit Wine Factory, where will be attended by an internal guide. He will hold a tour and tell you about the wine making technology, as well we’ll taste more than five kind of wines, and after a tour on the factory, we will go in Kvareli tunnel. Kvareli tunnel - a famous vinotheque, consisting from 2 main and 13 connecting tunnels with length of 500 meters.
The owner of the tunnel today is the famous company "Winery Hareba", which stores ther about 25 thousand bottles of their best wines.
- 17:30 Kvareli - Tbilisi (2 hours drive).
- 20:00 Supper at the hotel (Tbilisi)

Breakfast at the hotel (09:00)
Transfer to the airport (13:00)


 Health insurance Ardimedi  WELCOMER  WELCOMER - Extreme
 Summary of insurance limit  10,000 GEL
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 24-hour information service  100% unlimited  100% unlimited
 Immediate hospital services  100% unlimited  100% unlimited
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 Emergency dental services  100%, Limit 500 GEL  100%, Limit 1000 GEL
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In case the insured person is older than 65 years, the insurance amount is paid 50%.
Territorial limit: Georgia.
Extreme travel insurance package "WELCOMER – Extreme” includes compensation for expenses such as medical and accidents that are caused by the pastime of amateur athlete (including extreme) sport on the territory of Georgia. Including such tours as:
Climbing tours
Jeep tours
Motorcycle tours
Ski tours
Caving tours

The cost of the tour package includes the following services:

Transfers the airport and back;
Excursion / travel in a comfortable air-conditioned bus;
Accommodation in 2-bed rooms in the hotels mentioned above or similar type;
English-speaking tour guide during the tour;
2 meals a day according to the program (breakfast + dinner or supper on request);
Entrance tickets according the program;
1 bottle of water ½ liters per person each day.
Tasting different wines and "Chacha”.

The following services are not included in the price of the tour package:

Messenger services (porters) in hotel;
Drinks during dinner / lunch, other than those specified in the program;
Extra services not specified in the list of services included in price;
Telephone, mini-bar, and usage of other services in hotels.

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