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Lake Nuri


Lake "Nuri Gele" is located in Batumi, in the heart of the park, at a distance of 130-140 meters from the sea. It has an oval shape, the depth in some places reaches 7-8 meters. Lake "Nuri Geli" originally refers to a lagoon lake is fed primarily by groundwater. There was a time when into a lake flowed only river Angisa ...

"Lake Gel Bashiya" - so called in the past the lake "Nuri Geli". The second lake name is associated with a tragic history. According to legend, in the lake was drowned child by name - Nuri and his mother went every day to the beach and called the child: "Nuri Geli" (in Georgian "geli" means: waiting for you).

Lake "Nuri Geli" Today is the best place for fishing enthusiasts ...


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