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Water Reservoir Djvari


Djvari Enguri Water Reservoir (largest hydroelectric power station in the Caucasus on the river Inguri on Georgian territory near the town of Djvari.) - The great symbol of unity of of human labor and nature, which is certainly worth a visit. The entire reservoir territory is surrounded beautiful mountainsin which are growing numerous leaved trees. Best time to visit - summer, when warm nights and the water warms till + 24-28 'c, thereby ideal for swimming.
This place offers breathtaking views, so you should grab a camera and make a lot of bright pictures. It is especially good to meet the dawn, as you can climb to the highest point and nothing will prevent you from enjoying the first rays of the sun that illuminate the amazing panorama of the Caucasus mountain range ...
Djvari Enguri Reservoir is located near the city of Zugdidi, on the road to Mestia - (mountain region of Georgia - Svaneti).


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