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Canyon Okatse


Okatse Canyon - the biggest attractions of Khon district. It is a three-kilometer canyon about 50 meters deep.
Until the middle of the canyon is now paved road metal pendant through which offers stunning views of the picturesque nature. Canyon Okatse can be safely attributed to the number of natural attractions of of western Georgia.
For the sake of a canyon, perhaps not necessary to go into such a wilderness, but there are others around the stunning natural attractions - Upper Cascade Falls and Kinchha.
Kinchha Waterfall - located in the canyon of the river Okatse. The place is quite wild and uncivilized, but this is even more attractive and mysterious. the waterfall location also attracts the old baths. Reservoirs that occur in the Upper Canyon dukes used as baths. Evidenced by the Specials white stone buildings. They are located 100-150 meters above the waterfall ...
Canyon Okatse amazing place, here there is a sense that the world is in your hands and you can dominate the clouds floating at your feet. Here time stands still and it seems that you are in paradise ...
This location is more suitable for those tourists who prefer extreme conditions for recreation.


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