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Borjomi - city resort in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in southwest Georgia.
Perfect spa water center "designed" especially for those who love to be healthy.
The resort is quite far from major cities, almost all sides surrounded by mountains, and is mostly covered with pine forests. The enchanting beauty of nature, clean mountain air, great climate, modern infrastructure create the ideal conditions for the restoration of health.
World fame brought it the healing properties of the mineral water's unique chemical composition of "Borjomi".
The water "Borjomi", due to its composition, suitable for complex treatment of the organism.
The main source of mineral water Borjomi is located in the central park, where the mineral water, which is now sold in more than 30 countries around the world can gain everyone absolutely free. In Borjomi is located a few tens of recreational facilities, sanatoriums and rest homes, offering the medical services, clinical and diagnostic procedures, treatment of sulfur and mineral baths. All are located in the vicinity of Central Park.
Modern Borjomi attracted not only by natural, but also in architectural attractions. Here are the monuments of Christian culture in the age of several centuries ...
In the city is developed tourist infrastructure. It is located in 126 km from the city of Tbilisi. Around Borjomi within a radius of 170 km there are many historical monuments and unique - Vardzia, Khertvisi, Atskuri Bakuriani, etc.

The resort is functioning all year round.


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