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  • Opening Hours: 9:00 - 18:00



DESCRIPTION The village is Shovi is the spa water resort, which is located 145 km from Kutaisi and in the 330 km from Tbilisi. Shovi located in the river valley of the Chanchakhi, which slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, at an altitude of 1600 meters. The climate in Shovi very similar to the alpine - are cool summers and fairly cold winters. Near the river Shovi flows two rivers: Buba and Chankhachi, on whose valleys are hitting the mineral springs. Mineral water Shovi treat diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system and digestive tract. Shovi - is a particular resort for diabetics .On resort are motels and SPA-salons, recently was built here a 4-star hotel "Sunset Shovi". Territory Shovi also known for its pine forests, where a lot of game and wild animals ... Location of the resort makes it possible to the development of sports such as mountain climbing, skiing and rafting. The resort is functioning all year round.


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