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Georgia - the land where the two worlds coexisted in parallel: "Underground" and "ground." For millions of years nature "worked", to create the underground masterpieces. This is the world of karst caves in Sataplia, where traces of dinosaurs have been found ... Sataplia Nature Reserve is 8 km from the town of Kutaisi, on the mountain Sataplia. The mountain’s name is translated as "the place where there is honey." This is due to the fact that in ancient times there was a shelter of wild bees, and people climbed the mountain just for honey. As Nature Reserve "Staplia” has been established in 1939 year, but modern borders it reached only after 18 years. The territory of reserve is 354 hectares, most of which is forest, where presents evergreen and deciduous trees. The guests of Sataplia Reserve should definitely visit the natural caves, which appeared due to leaching of rocks. The cave Sataplia is almost one kilometer long, but for the guided tours are available only 300 meters of underground space. The atmosphere of the caves can be compared with an underground tale. It is not possible to describe, it should be felt ...


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