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The climate alpine forest resort in subtropical zone is located at an altitude of 1913-2022 meters above sea level, in the gorge of Bakhvis-Tskhali river, surrounded by mountains, covered with pine forest, open from the south-west. It is influenced by the air currents of the Black Sea. Summer is moderately cool and short (in August + 13 °), winter is moderately mild (in January -6 °), long, snowy. The village is famous for the unusual design of wooden houses of Georgia, raised above the ground carried on wooden poles one and a half or two meters. High mountain rarefied air contains a suspension of microscopic water droplets created by constant presence of clouds from the sea air, due to air currents that penetrate from Black Sea and useful enzymes of pine trees. The resort combines the features of high alpine and maritime climates. On August there is the famous horse racing.


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