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Shio-Mgvime monastery - the ancient monastery, located 9 kilometers from the city of Mtskheta. The exact date of the foundation of this temple is unknown, but as stated in historical sources, it was founded around the 560th's by Saints Shio, one of the Assyrian Fathers, known as Shio Mgvime. The history of the monastery is also very interesting, it starts at the moment when the Assyrian fathers were scattered from the mountain Zedazeni on all the ends of in eastern Georgia. And here, in the gorge of of Mtskheta, St. Shio came and settled in a cave on the mountainside. Soon there were followers of Shio, who also settled in the caves. The first building - the church - was built during the life of St. Shio, between the 560 and 580 years. For today in monastery territory is located several buildings, of which the oldest - the temple of St. John the Baptist. The temple is not impressive from the outside - it is simple, has no decorations and architectural excesses. However, the inside is quite nice, there are preserved ancient frescoes and murals. The monastery was destroyed on several occasions, and then has been restored, but the interior of it was renewed in the XIX century only. Presently Shio-Mgvime monastery is operative and attracts large number of tourists and pilgrims.


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