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The Juma Mosque


Georgia is a place where coexisted together different religions. On one territory may be located churches of various denominations (the Russian Orthodox Church, the Armenian church, mosque, synagogue, Georgian Orthodox Church, etc.) and at the same time among of them is never had a disagreement. The Juma mosque built near the Narikala fortress, in the heart of the country, the city of Tbilisi, in the end the Botanical street. It is the only remaining the Islamic temple in the city. The mosque was built in 1723-1735 years by the Ottomans. At the 1740s the mosque was torn down by the Persians. In the years 1846-1851 it was restored by Giovanni Skudieri project, but in the XIX century it was again destroyed and on its place was built a new one, which stands to present days and is the only mosque in Tbilisi. The mosque was built from bricks and is located on a slope. In the architecture is dominated Islamic and neo-Gothic elements ...


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