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Ananuri Fortress


The Ananuri fortress is located in Georgia on the Georgian Military Road, in 70 km from Tbilisi, where the small river Vedzatkhevi flows into Aragvi. The first information on developments relating to Ananuri, you can find in a historian Vakhushti, in the XVIII century descriptions. This fortress, which will never cease to excite human imagination. The fortress belongs to the early feudal era, and served as an outpost of defense, blocking the road leading from the Daryal Gorge. The Ananuri was the main a support point for a Lords of Aragvi, of rulers of this region. On its territory there are three temples and a tower with a pyramidal roof - the first building on the site of the fortress. The Fortress Ensemble includes a single-nave a church or a Mkurnali, Little cupola church or the Gvtaeba, Big cupola church, Tower of pyramidal roof. Today the Ananuri is visited by tourists and pilgrims. The Ananuri Castle is proposed to be included into the UNESCO World Heritage.


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