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Nekresi - monastery complex


Nekresi - is a small, but very beautiful monastery, which is placed: high on a mountain above the Alazani plain. Now this is a monastery on the hill only, but before then (under the mountain) was a city. The monastery was founded by the Abo Nekresky. The monastery complex of Nekresi consists of several stunning beauty buildings, constructed at different times and eras. The earliest building here is a church, built at the end of the IV century, in honor of the adoption of Christianity in Georgia as the main national religion. After a few decades, at the end of VI - the beginning of VII century there was built the main church, consecrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin. Besides these temples, you can see also the great domed church, built in the IX century, and Bishop's Palace, built by the XVI century .... On the area there are several benches and good views of the Alazani Valley. In Georgia, almost in every temple is a viewing platform. Nekresi is not an exception. Monastic benches - an ideal place to sit in peace and restore the nervous system ....


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