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Katskhi pillar


The unique Katskhi church is located on the top of the mountain formation height of about 40 meters. It’s nonstandard and unusual place for the church. The ladder used to climb up to the church - called the "ladder to heaven”. The extraordinary church was built between the VI and VIII century, but is unknown by whom and is unknown how ... The first records of Katskhi pillar are referred in the records of the Georgian Prince Vakhushti Bagrationi. "I saw a rock in the gorge, so narrow and high, straight as a pillar, and stood on a rock some construction and no one is able to go up there, even I do not know how to do this." The temple-pillar in Katskhi leaves an pleasant impression. And a natural beauty, complemented by iconic architecture, left a deep mark in the human soul. No wonder the Georgians says that Katskhi is that place where you became closer to God ... Getting to this holy place, people forget about their problems, and get alone with their soul.


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