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Ureki - unique climatic spa-resort on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, in 50 km from the city of Batumi. The main features of Ureki are local beaches with black sand, which is called magnetic because of the high concentration of magnetite in it. The curative procedure using this sand gained popularity since ancient times, so the flow of tourists to local beaches does not run low, and it helps with heart illness and pain in the joints, in general, here all the get well ... Furthermore, pine and eucalyptus trees that grow along the beach, which is about 5 kilometers in length, perfectly clean and ionize the air. The sea in Ureki not differ with a big depth, which is especially useful for children. Sandy Spit extends far into the sea and at the same time you can be waist-deep in water for 200-300 meters from the shore. As Most of resorts in the world, resort Ureki, may provide a different level of relaxation on various prices. This resort offers as the luxury hotels as well as low cost hotels. If you are torments a question "Where to have a rest?", "Where spend your holiday?". Maybe the Resort Ureki is the perfect place to relax ... And of course, enjoy the most beautiful sunset.


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