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Svetitshoveli- is the cathedral church of the Georgian Orthodox Church in Mtskheta, which for Millennium was the main cathedral throughout Georgia. Listed among the World Heritage site, as well as under the protection of UNESCO. This temple is visible from far away and it's shines a holy energy, the warmth and faith. Durring visiting the Georgia, you definitely should visit this place. It is able to charge you with positive emotions and give you inner peace and balance. Svetitskhoveli - in Georgian language means "Life-Giving Column". "Sveti" - a pillar and "Tskhoveli" - alive or miraculous. The temple in its modern form was established in the year of 1010... The history of this place is very interesting and enigmatic ... It is believed that in this place in the IV century was buried in the land the chiton of Jesus Christ, and then subsequently raised cedar, which has become holy tree for local residents, cedar itself grew up in the garden of the king's palace. . When St. Nina came to Georgia, she lived 9 months in the house of gardener which was located near of this garden. There came with her some visions that were interpreted as follows: "Your vision means that this garden will be transformed by you into the garden of God's exaltation, which owns the glory both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. " The cedar chopped down, and made from it seven columns for the wooden church. However, one of the pillars could not budge from the place. And from was expiring fragrant a healing ointment (oil). Exactly this column was called "Svetitskhoveli". The temple is rich with décor, with restraint and a great artistic. Ornament in the church are relief and deep. A spectacular line, voluminous shapes and colored stones make the church even more noble and attractive... Svetitskhoveli is a symbol of the whole of Georgia, here are buried many of its kings and patriarchs...


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