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Gelati Monastery


Gelati Monastery formally located in Kutaisi. It is built on the high cool place, from him is a good view of the countryside and the distant mountains of Racha-Lechkhumi. Gelati is one of the largest Georgian medieval monasteries, an outstanding monument Georgian architecture. It was founded by King "David the Builder” in the early 12th century (in 1106). Gelati Monastery includes: Cross-domed main church, St. George's Church, Church of St. Nicholas storey and three-tiered bell tower... Besides the temples, there are famous monastery gate. Their glory has begun in the year when King David the Builder in accordance to his will, was buried under its arch. It was a kind of manifestation of humility: people should go to the monastery, stepping feet on the gravestone. Time has made adjustments and these gates are now becoming virtually a mausoleum ... In the XIV century, the monastery was destroyed by the Mongols, In the XV century it been restored again. Also Gelati monastery has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994.


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