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Monastery Motsameta


Motsameta Monastery (Monastery of Saints David and Constantine) - is one of the brightest sights not only in Kutaisi, but the whole of the Georgia. The monastery is located on the rough river of Rioni just 3 km from the town of Kutaisi. Motsameta - is a beautiful, surrounded by lush greenery monastery, in whose territory is a small fountain with drinking water, many people thinks that it’s the curative. According to legend, Monastery was built on the site where Muslim aggressors was executed Georgian princes David and Konstantin Mkheidze who refused to accept Islam. In the small hall of the monastery on a raised platform is a large rectangular an ark with a relics of the godly princes canonized Georgian Church. There is an old belief that if three crawl under the ark, and venerated the relics, asking about something, princes will certainly help you and all wishes come true. King Bagrat III built a church in the X century. The building was again renovated in the XIX century.


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