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Kobuleti - the resort town of Adjara. Located on the shores of the Black Sea in the area of subtropical climate, in 21 km to the North from Batumi. The main in Kobuleti are its beaches and clear sea water. The pebbles at the beach is shallow, and does not cause inconveniences even when walking barefoot. The water is really very clean and warm, bathe in it is a pleasure. The swimming season in Kobuleti, like throughout Georgia, starts in May and ends in October ... The resort provides an opportunity not only to spend time on the sea, but also improve your health by mineral waters. Kobuleti resorts will provide you with the best services, they will carry out tests, that will determine what kind of water and in what quantity is necessary to drink, what Bathrooms is necessary to accept. Kobuleti, among other things, appreciate visitors by its good restaurants, good-natured people and


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