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The monastery complex of the David Garedji


The monastery complex David-Gareji in its grandiose, scale and the historical and artistic value has a special place among the monuments of the material culture of the Georgian feudal era. This cave complex is located in the Gare Kakheti; it extends for 25 kilometers along the slopes of Gareji semi-desert ridge. As an outstanding example, building art, characterized as a high artistic level of paintings, it even now leads in the admiration of visitors. According to extant literary sources, the historical beginning of the complex belongs to the first half of the VI century, when one of the 13 Syrian Fathers, named David, settled in a natural cave and soon the Gareji founded the first monastery called Lavra of David. The architectural form of the church, called the Transfiguration, became canonical for the construction of the complex in the next times. In the XI century, the Seljuk Turks invasion retarded the development of the monastery, although life it did not stop. The greatest flowering of Davidgaredzha reaches in XI-XIII centuries ... During its centuries-long existence of the monastery complex David-Gareji many times underwent of ruin, but he has stood the test of centuries and played a significant role in the spiritual development of the country. Today its ruins suggest the former spiritual power of the Georgian people and call us to repentance, who has communicated these monasteries to desolation and destruction.


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