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Lisi Lake


Lisi Lake is located in the vicinity of Tbilisi - in the west of the city. The altitude is 600 meters, the lake itself is small: its length is 800 meters, width - 550 meters. It is ideally settled for tourists: you can rent a boat and on the shore play in the tennis court, or relax in a cozy cafe ... The climate is subtropical. Almost all year round is warm and sunny here. Average water temperature in winter is 0 c ', and in the summer - 23 C (74 F) . The name of the lake was through the grass Lisi, , which is covered lake like a carpet, carpeted the entire coast. The fauna is very rich, It is home a variety of duck species, as well as the big fishes ... Lisi Lake - the ideal place for a family holiday, here are a nice promenade, beautiful views, a park with pines and other trees ...


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