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Abudelauri Lakes


Among all the lakes on the southern slopes of the Caucasus mountain range, there are three most beautiful lakes, which are combined under one name "Abudelauri lakes." Hidden among the mountain peaks, lakes impress its picturesque and crystal clear glacier water. Abudelauri Lakes are located on the southern slopes Hevsuri-Tusheti Eastern Caucasus ridge in particular in Dusheti municipality ... Lakes Abudelauri also called "colored" lakes. This name is given to them due to the water color: Blue, Green and White lakes. The distance between the lakes - 1.5 kilometers only. Each lake has its own characteristics.... Green Lake is shallow water from all lakes, the water is bright green. Actually here is the usual water, but this effect creates a reflection of lush greenery on the banks. Blue Lake is the most beautiful, the water is dark blue. This lake stands out among other growing around thickets of rhododendrons. In the period of low water in the lake there is a rocky ridge that divides the lake into two parts. White Lake is the deepest and highest lake. It is located at an altitude of 2812 m above sea level. This lake is a maritime character, formed the glacial formations. Therefore, the water is as white as milk ... Fish in lakes are not inhabited, but the water in the lakes and rivers of neighboring is quite suitable for drinking ...


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