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Sioni Cathedral


In many Christian countries there are places, which are repeated name of the holy places of Palestine. Is not an exception Georgia. Here, in the capital of the country Tbilisi, located Sioni Cathedral, which is named in honor of one of the Palestinian mountains. But the Cathedral is consecrated of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Cathedral is located on the banks of the Mtkvari River in Old Tbilisi. It was built by the order of the Byzantine lord - Guram I at the VI century. But has been destroyed by Arabs at the XII-th century. David IV Builder erected a new temple here, from that it was many times "destroyed" and then reducing. The Sioni is interesting not only as an architectural structure and ancient monument, but also as a holy place, where kept several Christian relics. Under its arches can still see the cross of Saint Nino, which is made of vines and grapes, according to the legend, fastened by the hair of ST. Nina. Along with the cross of Saint Nino in The Sioni are carefully preserved head of St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, which after the fall of Constantinople has been transferred to Georgia to The Sioni Cathedral, and the miraculous icon the Sioni’s Mother of God. The modern Sioni Cathedral - is a fusion of several generations of people into one. Those people rebuilt the great Cathedral after every its destruction, and every time the put in it a piece of their soul. And it seems that now Sioni Cathedral gained such strength that it is simply impossible to be destroyed...


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