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National Park Vashlovani


Vashlovani National Park is located in Kakheti, in the south-east of Georgia, near the border with Azerbaijan. Vashlovani considered one of the most beautiful protected areas of Georgia, which is represents an intermountain depression, covered with forests and preserve the pristine nature of these places due to inaccessibility. After having seen all the splendor of this place with your own eyes, afterwards you will not be able to forget these feelings and will see the mountains and caves of Vashlovani in your dreams for a long time. Vashlovani –is a place with pictures of fairy tales about wizards. Everyone can enjoy the extraordinary views of nature and find exactly own favorite place, where want to come again. The reserve was created in 1935 for the protection of forest-steppe zone, partly eradicated in 1951 and restored in 1957. The National Park has been opened for tourists only in 2003. Its area is about 251 square kilometers, with natural reserves areas (where access is prohibited for tourists) announced only about 85 km² of park. Here there are about 660 kinds of plants, and 40 of them are found only in the Caucasus. One of the attractions of the park is a leopard. The animal was seen here just not long ago, although it was thought that leopards have long been extinct in Georgia. At Vashlovani, at the foothills of Mount Dali, you can see the unique mud volcanoes Georgia Takhti-Tefa - a real miracle of the park! You will find yourself on another planet: among the cracked earth, a lot of variegated springs rises with gurgling blue-gray clay. Directly from the depths of the earth, air bubbles with black spots of oil are rising to the surface. The largest of the volcanoes reaches abt 3-4 meters in deameter. This place - reservoir Dali - just fascinates with its beauty and panoramic views. The park itself is well equipped for tourists. There are excellent houses for the night, friendly rangers, who are always ready to help any time, signs by which it is simply impossible to get lost.


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