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Bolnisi Sioni


Bolnisi - a suburb of Rustavi. At 8 km away in the thorp of Kvemo Bolnisi is the oldest church in Georgia, Bolnisi (Bolnisi Sioni), dated V century. Bolnisi Sioni- one of the four or five constructed in Georgia's Elders of churches. Bolnisi is a first in chronologically and from it begins the history of Georgia's architecture of the temples. This is generally the first preserved architectural building in Georgia, it’s a first church where on the wall is placed the first inscription on Georgian language. The temple is quite simple, almost primitive, but it all started with it, so it is important and valuable ... Exterior view of the church is very concise. The walls are lined with smooth tuff slabs in deep turquoise color. The interior of the Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral amazes wealth and luxury, and produces an impression of grandeur ... the church Bolnisi Sioni is one important and historically valuable part - the inscriptions. They are three. Two are located on the two northern entrances, and the third - on the window of the apse ... The first inscription is located above the apse (eastern part of the temple), On inscription can read : "Christ, Bishop David, who worship You in this church, have mercy, and servants to (you) in this church; Yes it will be "... The next inscription on the north wall above the entrance. the inscription reads as follows: "With the help of the Holy Trinity was started the construction of this church of the 20th year of King Peroz and completed 15 years later. Who is worshiped, have mercy of God; and who will pray for the bishop of this church David, have mercy of God, Amen. "The third, the shortest inscription, on the north wall as well, is located above the second entrance, which is unfortunately unknown translation ...


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