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Bakuriani, the oldest ski resort in the Caucasus, is a snow-recreational history from the late 19th century. When the picturesque area near the famous Borjomi have noticed by members of the Russian Imperial family. Clean air of high mountains, filled with the scent of pine forests, breathtaking views of the sparkling peaks and gorges - all promised Bakuriani become a winter residence for highborn persons. And it happened. Bakuriani is situated in the subtropical zone at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level. Winter is moderately cold, windless and sunny. The average temperature in January is -6° ...- 7 ° C (19° - 21° F). The snow cover is stable, height - 60-64 cm. Ski season lasts from November to March, and February - the perfect time for those who wants to roll freely and acquire beautiful skin tone. The avalanche - a phenomenon in Bakuriani extremely rare ... Bakuriani resort interesting for tourists not only for the fact that it can be good for skiing or snowboarding. This place is very beautiful and interesting for any tourist. Bakuriani is located at the crossing of the mountain range of the Lesser Caucasus and the various natural areas with beautiful flora and fauna. Tourists who came to this resort, in addition to skiing, may also make a simple day trips through the local natural beauty - mountains, gorges, caves, mountain lakes and springs, etc. The resort can be enough to roll on snowboarding and skates at park of Bakuriani , horseback riding, and also be impressed by the snow-capped mountains from the cableway. The unique climate and well-developed entertainment industry is rightfully gives Bakuriani status as one of the best year-round recreation zones of Georgia, the flow of tourists is abundant both in winter and in summer. The wonderful nature and fresh mountain air makes this resort incredi


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