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Architectural Ensemble Samtavro


In the northern part of the Mtskheta rises domed church Samtavro - one of the leading architectural developments of the ancient capital. In the center of the town, magnificent Svetitskhoveli as it combines situated on different outskirts two churchs - Jvari and Samtavro. Their location and absolute dimensions creates a single ensemble, against the background of the general construction and includes a natural environment - the mountains, the valley, river channel, etc. Hormonal relationship with the landscape, the spatial location of the monument, gives to all three dominants of particular importance and individuality. The name "Samtavro" have kept traditions antiquity. It denotes a place of reign (on Georgian - Mtavari) in English means -"royal area". According to legend, there was a palace garden, where near the blackberry bush lived enlightener of Georgia - St. Nino. A small church in the eastern part of the territory associated with her name. This church hereinafter not only once has been repaired or altered, but throughout the centuries has not lost its significance as a construction of the initial period of Georgia Christianity. The architectural ensemble Samtavro except small church includes other buildings for various purposes. The main monument, of course, is a temple built in the 30s of the XI century. To the north-west of it rises the bell tower. In the monastery garden preserved palace structures, towers and a number of ancient buildings.


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