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Jvari Church


Jvari - famous temple situated on the hill at the confluence of the rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi, in front of ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta, (later right in front of in Mtskheta there was built Cathedral Svetitskhoveli). It was built by the ruler of East Georgia on a wooden cross, placed on the hill by St. Nina. From written evidence known that in the middle of the VI century cross towered openly was visible from far away, and in honor of it in the Georgian Church has been established celebration. In the second half of the VI century the Guaram ruler built a small templenext to cross and named it Jvari. In 586, the son of Guaram, Stepanoz I begins construction of a large Jvari, which was supposed to be worthy shell for the national shrine - the cross of St. Nina. Construction was completed in the year 604, and the temple came to us almost unchanged. Jvari Church - one of the most remarkable achievements of the ancient Georgian architecture, and without exaggeration, the most popular Georgia monument, perceived as an immortal symbol of the national genius. The temple was built on the steep cliff at the edge of a rock, which he continues and completes. It is visible from all sides from a distance and is actively involved in the surrounding landscape. On the facades of reliefs, including images of ktetors. There is a Small Church Jvari presently preserved in ruins, which is adjacent to main Jvari. It is not possible to imagine a Mtskheta’s landscape without Jvari - it seemed to be bound the surrounding mountains. Mtskheta Jvari - brilliant creation of the Georgian religious architecture, full of simplicity, serenity, rigor and harmony. It is equally harmonious the interior of the Djvari: clean, full-fledged and completed the classic charms with its perfection. Exceptional artistic value has reliefs of Jvari, especially it should be noted, "the Ascension of the Cross" in the tympanum of the south entrance. Following all the above is not surprising that the harmony and mystery attracted attention at the time of Lermontov, "where, plums, noisy, if embracing two sisters, jets of Aragvi and Kura (Mtkvari)", here was moved by him scene from poem "Mtsiri"... The temple is interesting to photograph - both on itself, and the surrounding landscapes. Most brand-name the most recognizable in the frame Georgia - is a photo of Mtskheta from the viewing platform of Jvari. Indeed, from here can be clearly seen the city itself, and the gorge of the Mtkvari and valley of Aragvi and mountain Bagineti as wellas Armazi settlement on the slope of Bagineti.


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