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Anchiskhati Church


The main part of the old town, on the banks of the Mtkvari River, in the old narrow streets, situated the oldest religious building of Tbilisi - Anchiskhati Church. She is one of those buildings were built shortly after moving of the Georgian capital to Tbilisi. Anchiskhati Church is a single building that has survived from those times. It was erected in the VI century during the successor of the legendary Vakhtang Gorgasali - DACHI Udzharmeli. The old name of this church is unknown. "Anchiskhati" it became known in the XVII century, after a large icon was moved here from Anchi Monastery, located in South Georgia. Anchiskhati icon is currently at the State Art Museum of Georgia. It is one of the most famous Georgian icons, the fame of the miraculous power of which has been distributed throughout Georgia. Anchiskhati Church is an example of great technical and artistic mastery in their appearance closer to a remarkable monument of Georgian V century - Bolnisi Sioni. A particularly interest is caused Anchiskhati brick bell tower, the ground floor of which is a passage in the fence. The bell tower is built on the edge of the street, above the church ... According to the inscription above the gate of bell tower, it was built by Catholicos Domain in 1675 ... Today the church Anchiskhati - is a basilica. The word "basil" comes into the architecture of the Greek language and it means "royal house". Exactly this the King's house was built under the guidance of ancient architects and today is a significant monument of early Christian architecture.


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