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Metekhi Temple


On the right bank of the Old Town of Tbilisi, it is particularly well regarded gray rocky massif, the "cool" falling to the Mtkvari River. It effectively "crowned" by Metekhi temple. Near is a monument of King Vakhtang Gorgasali. Such symbolic neighborhood is not accidental in one of the most picturesque places in the old city ... Vakhtang Gorgasali called on to build churches and monasteries, strengthening of the Georgian people's faith in God ... Metekhi temple many times has been destroyed, but each Kings of Georgia considered as own duty to revive the temple, so that this ancient building has survived to the present day. A modern building Metekhi temple dates from the end of XIII century. But brick dome was installed much later, around the XVIII century. In 1987, the capital restoration of the temple was carried out. Since 1988 Metekhi temple again became active temple of the Georgian Church. With Metekhi temple related many sad stories, one of which is the story of the Great Martyr Shushanik. She was severely beaten and imprisoned in the dungeon by own husband, from the fact that it refused to accept his faith, and continued to pray with serve God ... and for all that time, that the Queen has spent in prison, but it's not as many as 6 years, to its prison came constantly people and through her prayers have asked God. But in the sixth year, Shushanik became very ill and died. This happened in 475 year. The relics of the holy martyrs were soon taken out from the castle and buried near Metekhi temple. The fortress itself, where Shushanik was imprisoned, presently has not left on the rock. But the church, in which the holy Shushanik prayed, had remained standing on the rock, reminding about what a difficult paths passed becoming of Christianity in Georgia. In the temple you can see the icon of the saint Shushanik. It occupies one of the central place at temple and anyone, who is familiar with the history of this heroic woman, always pray in front of her face and asks to perform the most cherished desire ...


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