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Gori - a town in eastern Georgia, the center of the Shida Kartli edge and the center of the same named municipality, founded by David the Builder. Gori is one of the oldest cities of Georgia. The official status of the city of Gori received in 1801. The name of the city takes on the rock formation in the center of the city, where are located the remains of the ancient Goris-Tsikhe. Gori was first mentioned in chronicles from the VII century AD., although some sources linked foundation of the city to the reign of David IV the Builder at the beginning of the XII century. Archaeological data indicate that in place of Gori, there were settlements of urban type long before the Christian era, from the early Bronze Age (about 3 thousand years BC). It was found ceramic tableware typically belonging to the Kura-Araxes culture. In 1946, a landslide in the northern wall of the Goris-Tsikhe exposed the formation timed of antiquity. There were found thin-clay "kvevri" (big wine jars), painted in red tile, pieces of pottery made of baked red clay. Discovered layer refers to the period from the I century BC and the beginning of our era. Approximately the same age were ancient tombs which was discovered in the eastern part of the Goris-Tsikhe. In the graves were found pottery shards, necklaces, coins, bracelets and other jewelry. According to the French traveler Jean Chardin, to 70 years in the XVII century, Gori was a significant commercial center. In 1723, the city was destroyed by the Ottoman Turks. Few years the city was ruled by the Ottomans. Since 1735 the city owned by Persians. But in the 40 years of the XVIII century, the city was finally liberated from the invaders. In 1920 Gori was exposed to a strong destruction during the earthquake. But the world that the city became known only thanks to one man, who was born in these places. This man's name - Joseph Dzhugashvili, better known as Joseph Stalin, who led the Soviet Union from 1925 to 1953. Until now, the central avenew of Gori is named in honor of "Joseph Stalin”. And the main attractions of the city are connected with this person - the house-museum of Joseph Stalin ...


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