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Stalin State Museum


Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori - a historical museum in Georgia dedicated to the life of the most famous native of the town - Joseph Stalin, who became head of the Soviet government and in fact led the Soviet Union from 1925 to 1953. The museum has three departments, all located in the central area of the city. The main building - a large building in the Gothic style, whose construction started in 1951 as a local history museum, but it is quite obvious fact that it was supposed to be a memorial to Stalin. In the exposition are many things, actually or allegedly owned by Stalin, including some of the furniture from his office, and gifts. Also represented a large number of illustrations, paintings, documents, photographs and newspaper articles. The exhibition ends one of twelve copies of the death mask of Stalin. Before the main museum - the house where Stalin was born and spent the first four years of life. The atmosphere inside the house is very puritanical. The exposition has remained from Soviet times, and this is valuable. Getting exposure is stand of "Stalin - a professional revolutionary." Complements the adjacent stand of "arrests, exile and escapes of Stalin". But sometimes the gendarmerie managed to surpass their professionalism to professionalism of Joseph Vissarionovich. Furnishings of Kremlin cabinet of Comrade Stalin modest, the phone is not foreign, not mahogany desk, desk chair does not seem to the throne, chairs for visitors is also simplicity itself. In the courtyard of the museum is the personal wagon of Comrade Stalin, which he borrowed from Nicholas II. In contrast to the modest Kremlin office, railcar of Joseph Vissarionovich was royal. The wagon was used by them since 1941, including trips to Tehran and Yalta conferences. It was transferred to the museum by the North Caucasian railway in 1985.


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