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Kolkheti National Park


Kolkheti National Park - National Park of Georgia, located on the west of the country in Kolkheti Lowland. The park encompasses the coastal regions in the east of the Black Sea and the pool of Paleostomi lake. Created in 1998, it included the territory of "Kolkheti Reserve”. Total area of protected territory - 446 square kilometers. In the park there are the visitor center and the hotel, tourist walks are conducted along the paths and waterways, services are provided to sports fishing and ecotourism. Plant variety of Kolkheti National Park presented by three different ecosystems: the marshes, sand dunes and stretches of water. Due to the unique origin of the park there are representatives of flora that are not found in other places of Georgia. These include three types of peat moss, Drosera rotundifolia, Carex lasiocarpa. The fauna of National Park is not less diverse and unique. In the park there are some places of wintering migratory birds, for the majority of the birds it is an intermediate stop. The park is home to the woodcock, curlew, tufted duck, white-fronted goose, whooper swan, mute swan, Dalmatian pelican, great spotted eagle, pheasant Colchis. Mammals are represented by the jackal, wild boar, roe deer, otter. eared turtle are found among reptiles, newts, water too, Caspian skid. Mammals are represented by the jackal, wild boar, roe deer, otter. Among the reptiles are found bog turtle, newts, water snake, Caspian snake. 16 kinds of mammals are endemic to the park, including the Eastern European hedgehog, Caucasian mole, and several kinds of bats. Paleostomi Lake is an ideal place for various species of fish. It is home to 88 species, including sturgeon, salmon, herring, mullet, pike, mackerel. Marine mammals are presented bottlenose dolphins, common dolphin and cevy. 6 kinds of animals living in the park are included in the "Red Book of Georgia." But the most important wealth of the park - it's migratory birds. Just imagine - you can see here all the time representatives of 192 birds and 21 kinds of them - it's migratory birds. All of them really like to be on the lake, which is ready to feed and water their feathered friends.


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