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Abastumani - a small resort town located along of a river Otskhe. There's a good air, the dense spruce forests, mineral springs and the main there is an Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory. At one time the Abastumani resort was very popular, in 1891 here came to treat the Grand Duke George Alexandrovich, brother of the future Emperor Nicholas II (Russian Emperor). Abastumani is a quite differents from any Georgian village or from any other resort. It was built mostly by Russians and it was built right as a holiday resort, so there are a lot of fine wooden houses with carved and verandas ... Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory - famous observatory, which is located on the heights of the Meskheti ridge, near Abastumani resort. It was founded in 1932 . It was the first observatory in the USSR and it still operates nowadays, and even is leading tours on it. Observatory occupies a very decent area. There are many buildings, including the five-floor building houses. All together it vaguely reminiscent of a park. If will be work all the hotels and cafes, we can get a mountain resort village with a scientific slant. Observatory can be considered as interesting attractions in the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti, or at least of the resort Abastumani. Abastumani belongs to those rare Georgian cities, where there is a lift. And the cableway in Abastumani is very special - it lifts really high up on mountain through the forest. The bottom station is located in the "Grove", and the top - in the observatory.


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