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Chiatura - town in Georgia, in Imereti. It located in the valley of Kvirila River (a tributary of the Rioni) and on surrounding plateau; distance to Tbilisi by railway - 220 km. Chiatura areas communicate passengers with a central part of the city by air cable ways. Manganese field at Chiatura counts more than 100 years. There are six manganese mining mine’s. But the most interesting - it's not the mines, but ... transport, which you'll need to use to reach them. Scientists have discovered the oldest known to date flax fibers in a cave in Georgia, near the Chiatura. Archaeologists worked in one of the caves, located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. In particular, cave Dzadzuana. The original purpose of the study was to find the pollen, so scientists collected samples of soil and examine them under a microscope. They found structures, texture of which indicates their artificial origin. The researchers have concluded that in front of them were fragments of ancient flax fibers. Radiocarbon analysis of layers of the soil, where the fibers have been found, showed that their age is about 34 thousand years. All results of founded samples fibers were at least 6 thousand years younger. According to the scientists, the ancient inhabitants of the cave has not cultivated flax , but fibers has been obtained from wild plants, growing in the vicinity. Obtained filaments can be used for clothing or bags. Some of the fibers have been overwound, and scientists have suggested that Stone Age people were woven rope from them.


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