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Telavi - a city in the Alazani Valley. The capital of Kakheti. Population 20000 people. Located on the northern slope of Tsivi-Gombori ridge, at an altitude of 490 m above the sea level, within 70 km from Tbilisi. Telavi is known from the I century AD, it has been an important trading center on the caravan route from the Middle East to Europe. In the XI and from XVII to the XVIII centuries was the capital of Kakheti kingdom. Telavi - one of the places of stage action of the famous Soviet film "Mimino" (director George Danelia). Filming actually took place in the town of Telavi, in the airport and on the streets, and in the mountainous area in the village Omalo. The main attraction of Telavi is Fortress "Batonis Tsikhe". The name of the fortress is translated as "The Castle of Lord". In the 17-18 centuries the castle served as the residence of the Kakhetian kings. At the fortress "Batonis Tsikhe" located museum, art gallery, several palaces, couple churches and a viewing platform. Not far from the central square, grows a tree, a history of which counting over 800 years. Is rumored, that it is the oldest tree in Georgia.
Journey to the amazing and beautiful land of ancient monasteries and churches, picturesque valleys and rivers - into a unique Telavi - will have the heart to all who are not indifferent to the beauty and grandeur of nature, and to the people, who're able to appreciate the taste qualities of the Kakheti wine.


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